Tips Indicating a Need for Roof Repairs in Kansas City MO

Homeowners should pay attention to any warning signs that Roof Repairs in Kansas City MO need to be addressed. Those experiencing leaks or noticing water stains on the ceiling should not put off getting a professional to check things out. Identifying issues early will allow more affordable options for repair. Whether the need is a patch or a seriously leaking roof, Preferred Roofing & Seamless Guttering has some tips on when to call for repair.

Signs of Water Damage

Once water damage starts to show on the ceiling or walls, do not put off roofing repairs. These water stains may be caused by water seeping through the flashing. Even small leaks will more than likely get worse over time if left untreated. It is critical to identify what is causing the leak and have it fixed immediately.

Deteriorating Shingles

When the edge of the roof starts to curl or claw, this means that the roof is seriously weathered. This makes shingles susceptible to uplifting during heavy winds. Changes in moisture levels can cause buckling. This can quickly lead to leaks, and the loss of the protective granules makes the shingles more vulnerable to aging and decay. These are all reasons to seek Roof Repairs in Kansas City MO.

Bare Spots or Missing Shingles

Those that can safely get on their rooftop should consider looking to see if there are any missing shingles. After heavy rains or high winds, they can be blown off. Bare spots on the roof due to missing shingles are just giving an entry point for serious leaks.

Ice Forms in Winter

In cases where ice dams form on the roof during winter, this is a sign that there is a problem with the insulation of the home. When the attic is warm enough to melt snow and ice, it causes water to seep under shingles. Water buildup from ice can cause serious damage to a roof, ceiling as well as interior walls of the home. A common solution is to vent the space between the insulation and roof sheathing.

Whether the need is installation, repairs or maintenance call on the experts at Preferred Roofing & Seamless Gutters for a free estimate. They have been serving the Lee’s Summit area for 12 years. They are a local, family-owned business.

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