Top Trends in Home Renovations

Even though the economic downfall took a bit of the steam out of the home renovations market, it has definitely recovered and so has the desire of homeowners to improve or change their space. With this renewed vigor to create unique and welcoming homes, some new trends in home renovations have also emerged. Some of the most notable trends in home renovations that you will see are detailed here.

Modern Kitchens
Just a few years ago when a homeowner remodeled their kitchen, there was a good chance they were going with the rustic motif, featuring warm colors and wrought iron accessories. However, the tables have turned and now the most popular options are modern styles with gray or white cabinetry, countertops that are simple, and a space that features a minimalist design. Additionally, you are much more likely to see appliances that blend into the space or that are hidden from view to create a sleeker appearance.

Brass Accents
Brass is quickly making a comeback. Even though this is not a new material, it has received a bit of a facelift. Bright, highly polished brass is a thing of the past, and the modern trend is leaning toward hammered, dull, and rustic looking brass. This new look is able to be used in bathrooms and kitchens as well as in the door hardware and lighting throughout the entire house.

Updated Bathrooms
Modern trends show that the bathroom is the second most renovated room in a house, only falling behind the kitchen. The trend for bathrooms is moving away from the vintage, wainscoting, and claw foot tub style to more of a resort style. This option will feature things such as larger walk-in showers, several shower heads, heated towel racks or floors, and bathtubs with jets. For style and coloring, glass tiles will be the most popular option, and the entire space will be in neutral cool colors such as off-white, light blue, and ash gray.

Vivid Colors
Even though kitchen and bathrooms are moving toward neutral colors, designers are thinking something completely different for other spaces in your home. Bright, vivid colors such as orange, yellow, and turquoise that were recently popular have now received a new twist. Now, they are being designed to offer even more of a focal point with colors such as Rouge Red, Nectarine, Lemon Zest, and Green Flash. Chances are, you will begin to see these options on accent walls, as the main color of paint, and even on the ceiling or floor.

If you are considering a remodel or renovation, it is a good idea to learn about the recent trends that are being used. For more information, visit the Granite Transformations website for ideas and advice.

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