Water Damage? A Roofing Company in Clive Can Stop It

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Roofing


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Entering a walk-in closet and seeing water damage isn’t the best way to start a day. Even if it’s just a small amount of damage, the homeowner should call a roofing contractor immediately to assess the problem. Every roofing project in Clive area should begin with a thorough inspection by a well-trained and certified roofer. Because many people shouldn’t climb up a ladder to see the roof themselves, the roofer should take pictures. This will allow the homeowner to see the damage for themselves. The final report should be written and include a detailed list of everything that needs to be fixed. It should also include recommendations for fixing the problems and provide cost estimates.

The homeowner should carefully review the document and make sure he understands all aspects of the repair. He should also ask about the existing roof warranty and any new warranties that will be attached to the repair work. After a Roofing in Clive project is completed, it may be inspected by the shingles manufacturer. If it is approved, it receives a ten-year warranty on both the materials and labor costs.

Ponding water is water that stays on the roof longer than 48 hours. It can cause large amounts of damage and is often the reason that manufacturers void a warranty. Therefore, it’s important to ask roofing contractor in Clive if ponding water will void a specific warranty.

Roofing companies understand that roof repairs need to be completed quickly. This prevents any additional water damage. An experienced project manager will ensure that the crew constructs the proper scaffolding so they can access the roof quickly and safely. He will then make sure that the proper shingles, flashing, and gutter segments have arrived. Missing shingles are carefully replaced so that none of the adjacent shingles are damaged. Loose flashing around vents is reattached. Loose gutter segments are reattached. These small repairs stop the water leaking into the house.

Most roofing companies also have carpenters on staff to replace any damaged drywall. Painters are also available to repaint it. In just a day or two, the house roof and interior can be fully repaired.

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