3 Common Slate Roof Problems in Nassau County, NY, That Need Repair

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Roofing


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Slate roofs are considered some of the longest lasting, but the lifetime of the materials depends on how well you maintain the roof. Here are three signs that it’s time to hire a professional to repair your slate roof.

Misaligned Tiles
The tiles of slate on your roof should be aligned with consistent overlap and spacing. This design ensures that water runs off the roof without collecting or pooling in any area. If you notice misaligned tiles on your roof, find a company that offers slate roof repairs in Nassau County, NY. The company will inspect the tiles and recommend the necessary work.

Broken or Loose Tiles
Broken and loose tiles indicate that the adhesive products used to apply the tiles is no longer viable. Your roof and home interior are now vulnerable to water leaks, pests, mold, and other issues that cost money in the long run. Have your roof inspected to find out what work is needed.

Mildew, Mold, and Water Damage
The after effects of a damaged slate roof are mildew, mold, and water damage inside your home. If you notice signs of any of these problems, find a company that offers slate roof repairs in Nassau County, NY, and schedule an evaluation by one of their experts.

Where to Find a Company that Offers Slate Roof Repair in Nassau County, NY
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