A Dry Home Often Requires Quality Roof Repair and Replacement

by | Oct 26, 2015 | Roofing Repairs


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One of the worst disasters any home owner can face is a failing roof in the middle of a severe storm. Once the shingles begin to fail, water can soak into the interior of the home and ruin a lot of expensive construction materials. It isn’t always possible to avoid a leaking roof, but it is a little easier to avoid future roof repair if the roof is kept in excellent shape. To do this, the home owner must have any problems fixed as soon as they are noticed, and the roof should be inspected frequently. At the very least, the roof should be examined after each major storm. Damage indicators to look for include torn shingles, patches of shingles lifted away or damage to the various roofing details.

After years of reliable service, it may be time to replace the shingles or even the whole roof. At this point, it will be time to decide on a new roof covering. Some common roofing options include the three-tab asphalt shingle, composite shingles, galvanized steel, fiber-cement tiles and some composite products made from recycled materials.

The key to choosing the best protection is to determine the service life of the product. In other words, check the warranty and see how long the manufacturer thinks the product will last. For instance, three-tab asphalt shingles typically last about fifteen to twenty-five years. More durable options such as galvanized steel or composite shingles could last for fifty years or more. The latter choices could be the best option since roof repair can be very expensive.

Of course, not all roof repairs will need to be extensive. In fact, some leaks are caused by failing sealant or improperly installed flashing. An experienced roofer can examine these areas and replace or repair them as required. Eliminating potential problems is a great way to ensure the roof will last longer and require fewer repairs.

Quality installation is just as important as durability. If the shingles weren’t placed properly, then the roof may develop a leak that might be difficult to notice. This is why roof inspections are important. An experienced roofer can check for recent water stains in the attic or other important areas. To learn more visit the experts at website

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