The Instances when Metal Roof Repair in Greenwich, CT may be Necessary

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Metal Roof


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It’s no surprise to homeowners that roofing materials, even the more inexpensive materials, are built to be fairly durable. In addition, the more money a person spends, the better the quality the materials are. This is typically the case with a metal roof. Hands down, a metal roof is perhaps the most durable types of roofing materials around. In many cases, if properly installed, a metal roof can last for up to 100 years, if not longer. However, even though these roofs are extremely durable, they may need, from time to time, Metal Roof Repair Greenwich CT.

The fact is, when a metal roof is properly installed, a homeowner will likely not have to deal with many repair issues. Blow-offs and leaking are typically an issue with poor metal roof installation. Gaps in between metal panels as well as poorly affixed flashing can lead to water getting under the metal roofing panels and during wind events, this can lead to metal panels lifting from their substrate materials.

Sometimes, with relatively flat roofs, the roof can begin to dip or sag slightly. While this might not be a huge area of concern, over time it can promote pooling of water on a metal roof surface. This can prematurely degrade the metal panels, as well as put undue stress on the support structures of a roof should the amount of water be significant.

One issue that homeowners may have is the look of a metal roof. While some people find it charming, others find it cold or ugly. Fortunately, roofing technology has advanced to the point to where metal roofs can mimic the look of asphalt, wood shingles or tile. Click here for more details.

Perhaps the biggest drawback to homeowners is the cost of a metal roof, which unfortunately can be quite high. However, when a homeowner considers that this roof if installed properly, will require little if any Metal Roof Repair Greenwich CT, and that it could be the only roof a home will ever need, these benefits might help justify the high initial cost of a metal roof.

Whether you need a new roof, or if your existing roof requires Metal Roof Repair Greenwich CT, it’s always best to speak with qualified roofing experts. That’s why so many people turn to JM Roofing & Siding in Greenwich CT for any type of roofing installation and repair needs.

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