Signs That the Time Has Come for a Gutter Repair

by | Dec 9, 2015 | Gutter Protection Systems


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While the typical gutter system is designed to last for years, the day will come when some type of repair is needed. Knowing the more common signs that a Gutter Repair needs to be done soon will help prevent additional damage to the system. Here are some examples of things that indicate the time has come to call a professional and spend a little money on the gutters.

Puddles Around the Foundation

The gutter system is designed to capture water and direct it away from the foundation of the home. This goes a long way toward preventing shifts and damage that would impact the stability of the house. When the homeowner notices that there are puddles where none used to form, it could be that the gutter sections are working apart. A professional can make sure those sections are fitting together and that they are sealed once again.

Rust in the Line

While checking the gutters from the ground, the homeowner notices rust stains along the bottom of a couple of sections. In many cases, what can be seen from the underside is only a portion of the damage already done. A professional can check those sections and decide if they can be salvaged or if the time has come for a replacement. Once the nature of the Gutter Repair is determined, the work can get underway quickly.

Wind Damage

The last storm included a great deal of wind. It was just enough to cause tree limbs to fall on one or more sections of the gutter system. Now they are bent and the homeowner fears they cannot be repaired. Before jumping to conclusions, have a professional take a look. It the metal is not pierced, it may be possible to bend them back into the proper shape, apply a sealant, and get a few more years of use from the system.

For homeowners who wonder if their gutter systems need some attention, contact the team at today. After an inspection of the system, it will be easy to go over the findings and what sort of repairs would be in the best interests of the customer. You can also like them on Facebook.

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