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by | Feb 13, 2020 | Gutter Protection Systems


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Gutters play a central and crucial role in protecting your home’s foundation and landscape from water damage. The gutter systems are designed in such a manner that they can move the water to a safe distance that can’t cause damage to the property. Gutters are a popular site in majority of the homes Orland Park. At times, they might become faulty which necessitates calling in specialists in gutter repairs Orland Park. There are several problems that might make it impossible or difficult for a gutter to carry out its expected functions. If not detected and solved straight away, they might lead to serious destruction to property.

Clogged Gutters

The gutters might be blocked by debris from twigs and leaves. Stagnant water makes the gutters to sag. Experts recommend that you clean your gutters at least once a year. Make it a habit to clean them twice a year if there are many trees around the home. After cleaning, a garden hose pipe should be used to flush so as to ensure they are in the right shape. If a more complex scenario is spotted, bring in the experts in gutter repairs in Orland Park to put things straight.

Sagging Gutters That Are Pulling Away From the Rest of the House

This often results when the hangers used to secure the gutters to fascias have a problem. The hardware can disengage from the wood. Possibly, their spacing might not be sufficient for them to offer the desired support to the rest of the gutter’s weight. The solution here is to replace the old fasteners and hangers with new ones.

Inappropriately Pitched Gutters

Ideally, gutters are supposed to be pitched in the direction of the downspouts to create room for the water to flow properly away from the foundation of the building. If there is still water in the gutters after a heavy downpour, then it is a problem of improper installation. To correct this, take measurements from the peak up to the downspout. Draw a line between the two and then find the spots where there is misalignment and push them into place.

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