A Second Possible Advantage of Residential Roofing Services in Ann Arbor, MI

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Roofing


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When roof replacement becomes necessary, the project cannot be avoided and should not be delayed. The main advantage of replacing a roof is preventing leaks from rain and melting snow. Another advantage that people may not be aware of is the possibility that their home insurance premium will go down. Residential roofing services in Ann Arbor, MI, provide prompt service.


Not all insurance companies follow this guideline. Some only lower the premium if the policyholder chooses higher-quality hail-resistant shingles. Others do not provide any discount.

The homeowners should contact their insurance agent when they are ready to schedule residential roofing services in Ann Arbor, MI. They can then ask about the possibility of premium reduction. If the company does not lower rates for this home improvement project, the homeowners have the option to shop around for a better deal.

Of course, this does not offset the cost of the new roof, but that work must be completed anyway. A leaking roof can cause serious damage inside a home over time. Much of the water seeping in may not even be visible since it could be dripping down behind a wall.

Insurance and Roof Replacement

Home insurance pays for roof replacement when there has been extensive damage due to hail, a windstorm or a lightning strike. However, the policy does not pay for replacement because of gradual deterioration over many years. This deterioration is to be expected, and homeowners should plan for it.

Replacement of shingles can be completed by New Roof, Inc which offers information on the company’s services.

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