The Environmentally Features of a Metal Roof in Harrisburg PA

A Metal Roof in Harrisburg PA is known for its durability and longevity. Homeowners may be interested to know that metal roofing is also considered more environmentally friendly than other asphalt shingles.

Recycled Content

A Metal Roof in Harrisburg PA generally contains a large amount of recycled material instead of new metal. Those constructed of aluminum contain a great deal of recycled material from used beverage cans. In fact, an aluminum roof may consist of up to 95 percent recycled material. That allows for millions of beverage containers to be put to good use every year.

Installation Advantage

The metal used for roofing is lightweight. A Metal Roof in Harrisburg PA usually can be installed over the roof that is currently on the home without tearing off the shingles and disposing of them. That light weight also means that the cost for transporting metal roofing is lower than for the heavier asphalt shingles.

Energy Efficiency

These roofs are known for being more energy efficient than their asphalt counterparts. This is especially the case during summer when metal reflects sunshine outward instead of absorbing the heat. That means homeowners may be able to use less electricity when cooling the house with air conditioning. The upper levels of homes also stay cooler on hot days than is the case with asphalt shingles.


Homeowners commonly think of a metal roof’s longevity as its main advantage, although these roofs also are aesthetically pleasing. The fact that the roof will probably last for 50 years or longer is a significant environmentally friendly aspect. In some cases, metal roofs never need to be replaced.

It’s possible that a severe storm might require replacement of some roof components. A hailstorm with baseball-sized hail might cause that sort of damage. However, that type of weather episode would also seriously damage asphalt shingles.

One day the homeowners might sell the place to someone else who would like a different roof color. There’s no need to get an entirely new roof. The metal can be painted instead.

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