Expect the Best: Get a Quality Metal Roof in Honolulu

There are many different styles and types of roofing used in modern construction. The demand for durable and high-quality roofing materials has forced the roofing industry to respond with innovative products that can stand up to the harshest of conditions. The evolution of building architecture requires modern roofing that is versatile in style and design and meets performance requirements. A metal roof provides both performance and style in a product that meets the needs of building owners and contributes to the architectural design of a building.

Providing Diversity with Metal

Metal roofing materials offer a diverse range of styles and features that can fit any roofing application from the most basic flat roofs to the most unique and aesthetically pleasing architectural designs. Metal roof materials can be customized to provide a variety of raised profile shapes that add both texture and depth to a building exterior. There are thousands of different color options to choose from.

High-performance architectural coatings and finishes are designed to be scratch- and chip-resistant and can be applied to metal roofing panels. Painted finishes on steel and aluminum can be baked-on organic coatings in just about any color imaginable. Aluminum can be anodized in either clear (silver) or various shades of bronze to black, providing, even more, scratch and chip resistance than painted coatings. A new product on the market is stone-coated steel shingles that are designed to replicate the architectural style of clay, concrete, or wood shake.

Selecting the Right Roofing Contractor

Metal roofing products are superior to other roofing products, but they require special techniques and experience to install properly. As durable as a metal is, it is still subject to wear and corrosion, particularly in maritime climates. Be sure to carefully evaluate contractors offering the best metal roof in Honolulu before selecting one for the job. M & R Roofing provides a mix of experience and value that should be typical of a quality roofing contractor.

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