Advantages of Building with Steel in Colorado

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance


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Steel is one of the most popular building materials across the globe. Steel buildings in Colorado are part of the reason why it has such an amazing skyscape. Construction projects that involve steel building materials in Colorado account for about 50 percent of the planet’s total steel usage.

Steel is highly sought-after because it is a strong material and malleable enough to be used on everything, from houses to skyscrapers. Steel is at the heart of the building infrastructure. When you walk through the city that has bridges, train tracks, tunnels, and underground pipelines, know that all of that would not be possible if it were not for steel.

There are innumerable benefits that come from constructing with steel, one of them being that steel can be recycled. In fact, it is estimated that one quarter of the steel used in construction projects are recycled.

In addition to being recyclable, steel has other benefits for the environment. For example, 20 percent of CO2 emissions come from buildings, so in response, steelmakers have come up with energy-efficient solutions that are minimizing the impact buildings are having on the environment.

Research suggests that the vast majority of steel used in the United States have not been recycled. However, if programs could be put into place to address this issue, steel could become the most energy-efficient material used in construction.

Steel has more strength and durability than most materials used in construction. That is why it is popularly used for more than just framing.

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