Common Causes of a Chimney Leak Annapolis

Excessive moisture in a home is never a good thing. It is critical to know when a home’s chimney is leaking. There are several reasons that a Chimney Leak Annapolis may occur, and putting off repairs can result in grave consequences.

Issues Caused by Excessive Moisture

Leaks that result from excess moisture can cause several problems, and some are extremely expensive to have fixed. There are others that are dangerous for a homeowner’s health. Some of the most common problems that may occur from moisture and a Chimney Leak Annapolis include the issues listed here.

   *   Damage the finishes of the walls.

   *   Mold growth.

   *   Wood rot.

   *   Damage spreading to other parts of the home.

Some of the most common reasons that chimney leaks occur are found here.

Faulty Flashing

The metal portion of the chimney, which is designed to create a waterproof seal between the chimney and roof, can begin to leak because of several potential issues. It can be because the flashing was not installed properly, because the flashing has begun to rust, and when nails are near the surface. The leaks in the flashing may cause severe structural damage to the roof.

Deteriorating Mortar

In most cases, the mortar that holds the masonry together is not designed to last more than 25 years. If the mortar starts to deteriorate, then moisture can begin to pour into the structure of the chimney. As the masonry is saturated, it can freeze in the winter and then thaw later in the year. This movement can result in the masonry flaking or falling off. If the homeowner does not have the mortar replaced, the chimney may begin to lean or even collapse.

Don’t ever ignore a leak in a home’s chimney. It is not an issue that is going to repair itself. In fact, as time passes, it is only going to get worse and cause even more damage. To learn more about roof and chimney repairs, be sure to contact the professionals from Reliable Roofers Inc. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the home’s chimney remains in good repair year after year.

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