FAQs About Aluminum Siding Services

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Siding


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Property owners choose aluminum siding products as an alternative to painting their property frequently. The installation provides them with several years of color protection. It comes in a variety of colors and textures. The first choice made by owners concerning siding is determined by the type of material they prefer. The following are FAQs about Aluminum Siding Services.

Are There Major Differences Between Aluminum and Vinyl Siding?

Yes, the vinyl choices are constructed with a solid color. Aluminum doesn’t have an existing color following production. Aluminum measures around 0.19 of an inch in thickness and vinyl ranges up to 0.46 of an inch in thickness. Vinyl is a more traditional choice and has a longer lifespan than aluminum typically. However, if the aluminum is maintained properly it can achieve the same longevity.

Are There Paint Restrictions Applied to Aluminum Siding?

No, however, most aluminum siding products undergo the baking process to apply an enamel finish. The property owner can change the color at any time. They must properly treat the existing paint first to allow for a smoother finish.

Contractors also recommend that the property owner cleans and primes the siding before applying the paint. They make suggestions about the paint selection according to the current condition of the siding. For instance, if any underlying aluminum is showing, latex with corrosion protection is needed. An alkyd primer is better, however, if any chalking film is present on the siding.

What Benefits are Offered by Aluminum?

It doesn’t contract and expand based on temperature changes. This is a common problem for vinyl siding. The homeowner can install aluminum at any time. They aren’t restricted due to current weather conditions. The contractor creates trimming easily with aluminum. They don’t have to wait for the trimming to be special ordered as can happen if the owner chooses vinyl. They can produce the trimming on-site.

Aluminum siding provides homeowners with ample insulation to increase the energy efficiency of their property. It comes in a variety of colors to help them meet their style desires. It also provides them with an aesthetically-pleasing exterior.

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