Methods for Re-Roofing in Billings MT

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Roofing


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Commercial and residential building owners have a few options when it comes to re-roofing in Billings, MT. Depending on the material and the condition of the roof, it may not have to be completely torn off in order to be replaced. One way to re-roof a building is to place the new roof on top of the existing one. A thin waterproof layer of insulation is placed on the roof and the new materials are placed on top of that. This method can reduce costs and time significantly compared to tearing off the old roof. It can fix many problems, such as several leaks, worn shingles, or damage in more than one section.

There are some cases when this method of re-roofing in Billings, MT is not feasible. If the damage has effected the insulation of the building or has resulted in rotting of structural beams, the existing roof will have to be taken off. That will facilitate the repairs required to restore the strength and integrity of the roof. A roof that already has a second roof applied cannot have a third roof placed on top of that. Most local building codes will not allow it because it can risk the safety of inhabitants. Another reason a roof has to be completely torn off and replaced is if the structural components cannot handle the extra weight of another layer of roofing. An assessment has to be completed before a second roof can be added over the first one.

Traditional re-roofing entails tearing off the existing roof, placing new insulation and waterproofing on the sub-roof, and installing new materials. This is done if owners are changing the type of roofing materials or want to add more insulation to the home via the roof. Certain types of damage also require tearing off the existing roof. An experienced roofing company, like Built Wright Homes & Roofing Inc., for example, will have professionals who can evaluate the situation and provide recommendations and options. That allows owners to make informed decisions about the project. The various types of roofing include metal roofs, slate, tiles, wood-shake, shingles, and flat roofing systems.

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