Granite Vs Quartz Bloomington Countertops

by | Sep 11, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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A granite countertop is cheaper; however quartz is more durable. It is simpler to clean the latter, but the former has a better appearance. So how can you determine which one will best suit your requirements? This article will compare the two minerals to enable you make the best decision as well as select the one that is most appropriate for your needs. Here are some deferences between Granite and Quartz.

Quartz is widely available in it natural form and is an extremely hard mineral. The only minerals which are more resistant to scratch than quartz are topaz, sapphire and diamond. Quartz countertops which are available today comprise of 94 percent quartz whilst the remaining seven percent comprise of other substances. This unique composition makes quartz naturally hard and extremely long lasting to use. Quartz kitchen countertops are not as porous as granite countertops, and for this reason, liquids and food particles do not adhere to its surface. In addition, cleaning and stain removal from a quartz kitchen countertop is far simpler than from a granite kitchen countertop.

On the other hand, granite is also a dense and strong mineral in its natural form. It comes in the form of large blocks that are later split into smaller slab pieces according to individual needs. After that, these slabs are polished by applying polyurethane or resin sealer, which makes the slabs water-resistant. Granite kitchen and bathroom countertops are more susceptible to contamination as a result of bacterial growth. Granite countertops contain only fifty percent quartz, which is much lesser than the amount contained within a quartz countertop. For this reason, granite countertops are not as hard as quartz Bloomington countertops, and are also less resistant to cracks.

Installing a granite countertop is an extremely tedious and laborious task. Because of this, the installation cost is nearly three times the cost of the countertop itself. Also, granite needs an extra supporting structure while the installation is going on because it is extremely heavy. Nevertheless, after installing a granite countertop, it becomes an enduring structure. The greatest benefit is they have a shinning surface and give an extremely rich appearance to the kitchen furnishings. When installing a countertop within your kitchen, bear in mind that once installed, your countertop becomes an important feature in your home, and you have to ensure that it enhances the look of your kitchen. For additional info about Bloomington Countertops you should get in touch with Granite Unlimited Inc.


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