Here Is Why Pittsburgh Homeowners Should Think About Attic Ventilation

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Roofing


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The time may have come for you to get new metal roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, services. During this time, make sure that the ventilation in your home’s attic functions the way it should. This article will show Pittsburgh homeowners how to do just that.

Good Ventilation Stops Rot and Mold

The moisture that accumulated in your home migrated towards the drier air outside. Nowadays, that same air is trapped inside your home. If your home doesn’t have a barrier behind your ceilings and walls, moisture gets trapped in your attic. If there’s not a good ventilation system in that area, moisture can gather on cold surfaces in your home attic. When you have condensation in your attic, it can lead to rot and mold.

Good Ventilation Can Help You Save Money

A reason you should hire a professional in metal roofing in Pittsburgh, PA, is that good ventilation can help you save on your energy bills. Your roof collects a lot of light. When the heat comes into your attic, it can increase the cooling costs of your home. If you want more solar collection, think about getting solar panels for your roof.

Good Ventilation Prevents Ice Dams

When your roof has good ventilation, ice dams won’t form on the roof. Dams get formed through heat leaks into your attic which then melts any snow that might have accumulated. The snow will then go down to the roof. The snow will freeze again, forming the ice dams. When your metal roof has good ventilation, the air will go to the top of your roof. Then the air will go outside.

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