Debris That Can Cause The Most Damage To A Home In Silver Spring

by | Mar 24, 2020 | Roofing


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After a storm, homeowners are often alarmed if they find leaves, branches, and other debris about their yard. Although they know that wreckage can happen during a storm, it is always a shocking sight to see. While some of these pieces are completely harmless, others have the potential to cause serious problems with the roof. Here are examples of debris that can cause the most damage to a home.

Tree branches

There are many reasons that a homeowner would add trees to their yard. To increase privacy, create shady areas, and increase curb appeal are just a few. But these can also be problematic in severe weather. Powerful winds can rip tree branches from a tree and fling them into the roof. If a homeowner finds smaller branches and pieces of bark around the house, they should have a contractor experienced with roof repair in Silver Spring to inspect it.


When working with landscape designers, homeowners can take steps to protect their property and their home. This may involve the use of deep-rooted plants and keeping larger trees far from the home. Yet, there is not much they can do about hail. It can cause extensive damage, some of which can remain hidden until a leak occurs. By getting roof repair in Silver Spring right after a hailstorm, homeowners can save themselves a lot of trouble and money.

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