Hire or DIY? Important Things to Consider When Painting Your House

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance


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Painting your house is one of the most common do it yourself projects. Even the least handy of people can usually manage to paint a couple of walls. To some, thinking of hiring someone to do the house painting in San Antonio is just unusual. However, there are many benefits to hiring someone to do your painting that you might be overlooking.

Do It Yourself

Painting the house is great project for everyday people because it doesn’t take a lot of specialized equipment, it can be done without a lot of skill, and most painting projects can be done over a weekend. The timing is an important factor because longer projects could require time off of work. Painting does not require you to waste vacation time to get it done yourself, unlike other, more time consuming projects. It will also be a lot less expensive to paint yourself, as labor would be a large part of the cost of hiring a professional. As long as you are relatively careful, things should turn out alright.


A professional group of painters are going to bring value to you. It will cost you more money, but painters are going to be faster, and better at applying paint. They do this for a living so their methods will be efficient, and they can cover more space in the same timeframe. A professional painting company can have your whole house painted in the same time it would take you to do one room. This really minimizes the impact that painting has on the life of your family. This is a very key point if you are dealing with a rental property. The sooner the painting is done, the sooner you can have renters occupying the space. It can also be classified as an expense on your taxes, offsetting some of the taxes payed on rental income.

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