Home Damage Restoration in Ocala – Symptoms That Indicate the Need for Repair Work

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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The foundation of your home is one of the most crucial elements of the whole building. It is the structure on which the building stands and needs to be very strong. If the house is multi-storied, the foundation of the house needs to be reinforced properly. However, building foundations can become damaged with the passage of time. In many parts of Ocala, you might need to hire a professional company that offers residential repair services to get the foundation repaired. There are plenty of telltale signs and symptoms that may indicate the need for home damage restoration in Ocala. Here is a brief guide that will help you understand why foundation repair work is so important.

The Structure of Your House Depends on it

Have you noticed a series of cracks appearing on the walls of your house? This might be due to a gradient in the foundation, which is causing undue pressure on one side of the building. As the foundation of the house lifts and settles on its own, walls made of concrete or tiles tend to crack under pressure. On the other hand, cracks caused in drywall and sheetrock are a clear indicator that the foundation has been damaged. You should call in a professional for damage restoration as soon as you begin to notice cracks in the walls. If you don’t call a professional in time, the cracks are likely to intensify until chips begin to tear off the walls.

Misalignment of Floors and Doors

The foundation of your house is important for keeping everything in the house aligned in a particular position. However, if the foundation becomes lopsided, everything is going to get misaligned. For instance, the doors may not close properly. As the floor begins to slope, you will notice cracks appearing near the corner joints of larger doors.

The Chimney

If you are unsure about whether you need home damage restoration or not, just take a look at your chimney. In general situations, there should be no gap between your roof and the chimney tower. However, if you see the chimney pulling away from the house, it might indicate the need for home damage restoration.

Older Homes

Many times, older homes are in dire need of home damage restoration. The foundation begins to slope after a while, which causes misalignment. Hiring a professional company such is crucial to getting the foundation repaired. While foundation repair work is a bit of an inconvenience, putting it off will just cause more damage to your house. The aforementioned issues are some of the symptoms you should know about.

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