How does Construction Management Works

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance


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Construction Management in St. Augustine service is the overall planning, coordination and control of a particular project from the time it has started until it is finished. The construction industry comprises five major sectors. These are commercial, residential, industrial, heavy civil, and environmental. Each construction project is headed by a construction manager. It is their responsibility to see to it that the project is working smoothly.

What are the functions of construction management in St. Augustine services?

• They specify the objectives and plans of the project. Part of their function is to specify the budget and scope of the project, to see to it that the allotted schedule is being followed, to set-up performance requirements, and to choose the participants of the project.
• They see to it that the resources are maximized efficiently. They have to ensure that no resources are being wasted.
• Proper coordination and control of planning must be effectively implemented. Through this the goals and objectives of this project are carried out thoroughly. Hence, the probability of delays or wasted resources are limited.
• Communication and processes for resolving conflicts should be developed effectively. It is the only way to ensure that there is teamwork and harmonious working relationships throughout the construction of the project.

What are some job examples that involve in construction management in St. Augustine?
• Project Manager
• Planning Engineer
• Project Coordinator
• Design Manager
• Quantity Surveyor
• Field Engineer
• Estimator

What are the responsibilities of construction management in St. Augustine?
As mentioned above construction management is all about involvement in the overall planning. It is their responsibility to control and coordinate that all the activities on site are completed on time and within the budget range. The management sees to it that the work schedule is being followed and checks the quality control. Before the construction starts, it is their job to ensure that the health and safety of the contractors are covered.

It is also important that project meetings are held from time to time. This is the perfect time to raise issues, concerns and development of the project.

What are the areas of specialization covered by the construction management?
It depends upon the setup of the company or their area of expertise. Some construction firms go for residential and commercial projects only, while others go for the industrial projects. The ones who are hired to handle the project, meaning the construction manager will also depend upon the project requirements. There are some construction managers whose field of expertise is so broad that they can handle multiple projects in one go. There is also construction manager who specializes in one field only.

What are the skills required in construction management?
• Exceptional organizational skills
• Good communication skills
• Great in resolving issues on site

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