How To Choose an Aftermarket Cooling Cap

by | Nov 3, 2017 | Construction


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Whether you are a serious automobile enthusiast or simply use your vehicle to commute every day, you understand the importance of having a vehicle that runs great. Since your car’s cooling system is essential to keeping its engine healthy, you must be sure you pay special attention to fluid levels, service appointments, and mechanical components. When you need to replace coolant caps, you also can’t scrimp on quality. Here are some suggestions for choosing the right aftermarket cooling cap for your vehicle.

Understand the Cap

As you probably know, when your car’s radiator fluid heats, it causes significant pressure in the vehicle’s cooling system. To control the pressure, the radiator has a coolant cap. Essentially, the cap diverts excess fluid into an overflow tank, using a plunger-like device. When the temperature and pressure return to normal levels, the cap allows fluid to return to its original tank.

Diagnose a Problem

Since coolant caps play a vital role in your vehicle’s radiator system, you should be certain you never ignore the signs of a damaged or faulty cap. Specifically, monitor the coolant levels in your vehicle. If you continually need to add fluid, your radiator cap may be bad. Likewise, take note if your vehicle tends to overheat. When functioning properly, the radiator should keep the car’s engine temperature within normal ranges. If it doesn’t, you may need a new radiator cap.

Determine the Size

When you have decided to replace your vehicle’s radiator cap, you must first determine the replacement size you need. Not only do you need to match your replacement with the exact dimensions of the original, but you also need to know the cap’s pressure rating. If the information is not printed on the original radiator cap, it may be listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual or available online.

Choose a Quality Part

When you are searching for a replacement radiator cap, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality. Instead, you should demand a high-performance, aftermarket component that will boost your vehicle’s cooling potential. Be sure your new radiator cap is made from strong materials with durable construction. Also, be certain it has an innovative design.

While searching for high-quality coolant caps isn’t usually fun, it is worth your effort. Instead of leaving your vehicle’s engine health to chance, watch for signs you need to replace its coolant cap. Then, with a bit of work, you can probably find the best aftermarket cooling cap for your car or truck.

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