How To Choose The Best Professional In Roofing In Oro Valley AZ

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Roofing


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There are a few ways that a homeowner can discover that their roof needs to be repaired. The most obvious sign is if water is leaking into the home. If the homeowner notices shingles on the ground or black debris in their downspouts and gutters, these are also signs that the roof needs to be repaired. Finally, if the homeowner gets up on the roof and sees that the shingles are beginning to lift, they should hire a professional in Roofing in Oro Valley, AZ. Before the homeowner hires anyone, there are a few tips that they should follow.

Do Research On the Company

Before the homeowner hires a company, they should do some research. There are plenty of review sites online where the homeowner can read reviews from the company’s former customers. They can also check with the Better Business Bureau. Finally, the homeowner can ask the company to see if they have any references that the homeowner can check.

Is the Quote Reasonable?

When the homeowner gets a quote from the roofer, they should make sure that it is reasonable. If it is much higher than the quotes from other companies, the homeowner should find another roofer. If the quote is much lower than the other companies, this is also a bad sign. Roofers who offer a much lower price likely need the work because they cannot get any customers.

Is There a Warranty?

Homeowners should only work with roofing companies who will guarantee their work. If the roofer isn’t willing to offer any type of warranty or guarantee, the homeowner should find another roofing company.

Has the Company Repaired This Type of Roof Before?

Before hiring a roofer, the homeowner should make sure that they have repaired similar roofs in the past. If the homeowner has a metal roof or a flat roof and the roofer has no experience with roofs like these, the homeowner should find another company.

Is the Roofer Insured?

The homeowner should only work with a roofer who has insurance. If anything happens to the home while they are working, their insurance will cover it. They should also have worker’s compensation insurance. If an employee is injured on the job, the homeowner would not be held liable.

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