How to Expertly Prepare Your Home for a Shingle Roof Replacement in Nassau County NY

by | May 22, 2018 | Roofing Repairs


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Having a solid roofing system is desirable for a homeowner to keep an elevated home market value. Unfortunately, factors such as storm damage, heavy moss growth, or multiple defective shingles can result in the need for a shingle roof replacement in Nassau County NY. To help the roofers perform this job and protect your assets, it’s beneficial to learn roof replacement readiness. These tips can assist with this task.

Ensure Adequate Parking Space for the Roofers

A primary way to help the roofing contractor and his workers get promptly started on a roof replacement is to provide plenty of parking space. This includes room for the roofers’ vehicles as well as any large trucks delivering roofing materials. It’s beneficial to designate parking space with signage or barriers to prevent parking in undesirable areas.

Provide Easy Access to Your Home

Another tip to prepare your home for a Shingle Roof Replacement in Nassau County NY is to remove obstacles that can prevent direct access to your home. The perimeter of your home should be free of objects such as children’s toys, cars, yard tools, patio furniture, grills, and lawn furniture. Consider moving these items to the garage or shed. Hard-to-move assets can be covered with tarps. The sidewalks and driveway should be clear so roofers can move without hindrance.

Remove Valuables from the Attic

Since a roofing replacement can expose the attic and valuables in it to dust and shingle debris, protect household items and other assets. When feasible, find another place for these valuables until the new roof is installed. Heavy or intricate assets can be covered with tarps or plastic sheets to safeguard against damage. Also, fragile or weather-sensitive valuables should be given extra protection to prevent exposure to outdoor elements and damage.

By implementing these three easy-to-use suggestions, it will be more convenient to get a roofing replacement. It will also help the roofers perform their job more safely and productively so you can enjoy a new roof sooner. For information on roofing services for residential and commercial customers, contact us with the contact information located on the business website.

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