Important Reasons to Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor in Parkville, MO

It’s possible for homeowners to do their own roof repairs, and they can also hire amateurs to replace an old roof if they are trying to save money. However, there are some important reasons why the best choice is to hire a professional, experienced, local Roofing Contractor in Parkville MO for these jobs.

Two Important Points

One is that the work will be of superb quality and the labor will be guaranteed for a specified length of time. Another is that roofing is one of the more dangerous projects, as reflected by occupational accident statistics. If an amateur worker does not carry business insurance to cover accidents during the project, the property owner will be liable for any injuries that occur.

Hazards of Roofing Work

CNN Money lists roofing as the sixth most dangerous job. Falling from the top of the building is more likely when the worker is inexperienced. They may slip, trip, or accidentally walk off the edge.

Injuries are not always related to falling from a height, although that can be the most serious type of accident. A roofing contractor in Parkville MO works with power tools and has to spend a great deal of time kneeling on a hard surface. Some projects require the application of hot tar that can cause burns if mishandled. Roofers work in many kinds of weather, including extreme heat and under blazing sunshine.


More than 300 roofers are killed doing this job annually, and more than 3,100 injuries occur per year in this profession, according to data from USA Today. If that sounds bad, the situation with people doing home projects on their own on ladders and roofs is much direr. A full 38 percent of fatalities resulting from falls at home involve falling from a ladder or the roof. About 97 percent of injuries related to ladders occur in residential settings and are not related to occupational work.

All these details make it clear why hiring a professional to do repair and installation work is the best option. Anyone who needs roofing work completed may visit us.

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