Different Types of Laboratory Counter Tops

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance


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It can be complicated to choose the right type of countertops for your laboratory when you want to select the absolute best option. You have to think about your budget, but you also want to be sure the laboratory counter tops you choose can stand up to the processes done on them each day. We’ll look at the different options you have available and what makes them unique.

Phenolic Resin Countertops

A phenolic resin countertop is made from layers of craft paper which are saturated in resin. These are combined to build a durable countertop with a black core. In many cases, these countertops are one inch thick and can come in all manner of colors as a finish. These laboratory counter tops are not only durable but extremely resistant to chemicals. This type of countertop is great for most applications and will last for many years.

What sets phenolic resin apart, and what has made it popular as of late, is that is has many of the advantages of epoxy resin but also tends to be more affordable. Being more lightweight also means it has a lower shipping weight, which may be important if you plan to have your laboratory surfaces shipped in.

Epoxy Resin Countertops

This is quite possibly the most popular option for laboratory countertops, and there is a good reason for that. It is non-porous, resistant to chemicals, resistant to heat, and extremely durable. When it comes to appearance, the color of the resin is the same throughout so scratches and scuffs will not show up as they would with other materials. This countertop option is great for all sorts of applications, including biomedical labs, pharmaceutical labs, and industrial testing.

This has been the standard option for laboratory services for years and is made of silica, resin, hardeners, and fillers. This is what creates the continuous look throughout the countertop, rather than being layered as phenolic resin is. This is also the facet of this type of counter that makes it extremely durable. It will continue to look brand-new even if it has been exposed to chemicals and high heat.

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