Is Green Commercial Roofing Installation in Oshkosh WI Worth It?

Green commercial roofing installation in Oshkosh WI seems to be catching on these days. With more people voicing environmental concerns, it’s only natural that some building owners react and go green. But what are the true benefits of installing a green roof? What are the different types? What about cost? Those are just some of the questions a property owner might have.

The Advantages

Pointing out all of the benefits associated with green commercial roofing installation in Oshkosh WI is pretty easy. During the winter months, having a green roof can reduce the amount of heat that escapes the building. For larger buildings, this can lead to a significant amount of money saved on heating costs. It also can help to keep employees more comfortable. When employees are more comfortable, they work much more efficiently. These roofing systems also work to keep buildings cooler during the summer months.

More Advantages

The benefits don’t stop with energy savings. A green roof will provide excellent insulation against noise. If a building is near something like an airport, every little bit of noise cancellation will help. Green roofs also excel at reducing the amount of storm water run off that a building has to deal with. A green roof can also have a long lifespan. Vegetation actually can help to protect the material underneath it. Naturally, the building itself must be able to support the load of the green roof.
What Else Is There To Know?

Green roofs come in different types. There are intensive and extensive green roofing systems. Intensive green roofs have deeper soil and can have large plants. These roofs can have complex irrigation systems and require a good amount of maintenance. Extensive roofs are more self-sustaining systems. The vegetation on an extensive roof doesn’t require nearly as much irrigation. These roofs are not nearly as heavy as intensive roofs. Browse our website to find out more about different roofing systems and what they have to offer.

Much like residential customers, people who own commercial buildings have a wide choice of roofing options. Green roofs are indeed and interesting option that those who are concerned about the environment should give a closer look.

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