Learning About The Features Of Cedar Roofs When Deciding On Roofing Material

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Roofing


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When deciding on roofing material, homeowners mainly consider the appearance and longevity. Cedar Roofs have several advantages over the cheaper asphalt shingles, which makes this a desirable choice if the property owners can afford it. Cedar shakes and shingles can create a variety of aesthetic looks for a home that are difficult to accomplish with other materials. For instance, they can make a house look exceptionally rustic. They enhance a home’s European style or add to a traditional cottage design.

Cedar wood is naturally resistant to insects as well as to moisture and ultraviolet light, although the wood will change color over time. Some types of cedar turn darker, some fade and some take on a grayish cast. This is generally considered part of cedar’s charm when it is used for roofing material. Homeowners should learn about likely color changes before deciding on a specific hue. Asphalt shingles also are resistant to insects, but they are more vulnerable to moss growth when they receive abundant shade.

The wood is very durable and can be considered part of the structural integrity of the house rather than just a covering of the home. It also provides natural insulation from both heat and cold, which can help to lower utility bills and make an upper story of a house more comfortable.

These wood shakes and shingles from a contractor such as C & R Home Improvements are suitable for most climates. When choosing roofing materials, Illinois residents must consider the extremes in weather this region receives. Illinois is known for harsh winter episodes and many hot sunny days in the summertime. It’s also known for being exceptionally windy a great deal of the time. Cedar roofing holds up well in all these conditions.

Materials for Cedar Roofs range in color from yellow-gold to dark brown, including red hues. The appearance of lovely texture is remarkable. Although asphalt shingles have been increasingly constructed in a wider distribution of designs, it is very difficult to get the look of cedar wood with those shingles. To view the different colors available and learn about pricing, homeowners may start with the website. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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