New Options In Stone Care With Klindex Products

by | Jan 29, 2015 | Construction


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There are always new products that are coming onto the market that make life so much easier for homeowners and contractors alike. Klindex products fall into this category as the company makes two very important yet starkly different products. One product is used to crystallize marble and terrazzo floors and the other is a specialized soap that can be used on a daily basis to add a high degree of luster and gloss to polished flooring.

As with all Klindex products it is important to use these two floor treatments following the manufacturer’s instructions. The crystallization product requires more care than the soap, which is designed to be used on any type of surface to also provide a waterproof surface that will cut down on stains and etching.

Crystallization Using Klindex Products

Crystallization of marble floors is a simple process of applying a specialized chemical to your floor and then using a crystallizing machine and a steel wool pad to buff the floor area. The chemicals in the crystallizing product bond to the surface of the marble or terrazzo to create a high gloss polish.

It is recommended that there be at least two applications to create the high gloss shine that is the hallmark of this process. If you need more information visit MB Stone Pro that has complete instructions for the correct use of this product.

Other Klindex Equipment to Consider

Klindex equipment is available for all your floor grinding and polishing needs. This equipment is state of the art and is considered the best option for many commercial flooring businesses around the world.

The company manufactures equipment for a variety of uses including countertop and floor grinders and polishers. They also stock all types of pads, discs, polishing powders and creams and even wood sanding machines for hardwood flooring.

Finding Klindex cleaners and crystallizers is not always easy. MB Stone Pro is a great website that stocks these hard to find items. The website also has many other products available to help you repair and maintain the look and feel of your household stone fixtures.

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