Performing a Simple Roof Repair in East Hampton NY

by | May 19, 2020 | Roofing Contractors


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One of the primary elements of a home is a roofing system. This structure is not just a fancy top to your home. It’s a barrier that provides protection from the outdoor elements and keeps heat from escaping the interior of the household. There are three basic layers to a roofing system: the shingles, the underlayment, and the sheathing/deck. It’s important to learn about the components of your roofing system and how to perform a simple roof repair in East Hampton NY so your roof will retain its useful life and integrity.

A basic Roof Repair in East Hampton, NY is fixing a leaky roof. Start this job by assessing the condition of your roofing system. It’s a good idea to do this when the roof is dry. Also, having adequate sunlight will allow you to identify defects more easily. Use protective equipment such as safety ropes when you walk on the roof. Look for shingles that are cracked or buckled. In your attic, look around for dark spots or water on the ground. These signs are indicative of a water leak.

Once you have found a damaged shingle, lift the edges of surrounding shingles to remove old nails with a pry bar or hammer. Pull out the old nails and carefully slide out the damaged shingle. Any residual material should be cleaned off using a scraper. You can use a utility knife to round the edges of the new shingle to facilitate moving it into place. Ensure the proper alignment of the shingle with the surrounding shingles by lining up the edges. Nail the new shingle into place using 6d galvanized roofing nails. Hammer these into place as you are holding up the edges of overlapping shingles. Glue the overlapping shingle to the new shingle to finish this Roof Repair in East Hampton, NY.

If water still leaks into your house after you do this Roof Repair in East Hampton, NY, it may be necessary to call Russell H Nill Inc for Guaranteed Roofing. This company can handle residential and commercial roofing services. You can enhance the market and aesthetic value of your home with a good roof repair.

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