Signs it’s Time for Window Replacements in Downers Grove, IL

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Roofing


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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to put off replacing their aging windows in favor of more flashy home improvements. Unfortunately, this can wind up costing them much more money than they would expect in the long run. Monthly energy bills may climb, and moisture can easily cause other, more expensive, damage. Instead, homeowners should keep an eye out for the following signs that it’s time for window replacements in Downers Grove IL and take action as soon as they notice any of them.

Noticeable Drafts

There should never be noticeable drafts coming from windows when they are closed. Even a small amount of cold air leaking into a house during the winter months can wind up hiking monthly utility bills substantially, so don’t ignore those cool breezes. Not only will they cause monthly energy bills to rise, but they’ll also cause HVAC systems to overwork themselves to keep up, heightening the risk of premature HVAC system failure.

Condensation Buildup

Noticeable condensation between layers of glass is a sure sign that a window’s seals have failed. When this happens, the insulating gas contained within the glass panes leaks out and the window loses a significant amount of energy efficiency. If the glass is not noticeably cracked but there is still condensation between the panes, it’s a good idea to look into replacing all of the windows that were installed at the same time since all of the seals are likely to fail soon.

Outside Noise

While no window can eliminate outside noise, double- and triple-paned insulated windows should be blocking out the majority of it. Homeowners who notice a sudden increase in road noise or other sounds coming from outside should look into window replacements in Downers Grove IL as soon as possible. If more sound is getting in than usual, the chances are more cold air is as well.

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Want to find a contractor who can replace all of those old, leaky windows? Homeowners who want to save themselves some money and time might want to work with exterior contractors who perform other types of work as well. Browse our website to find out about window replacement and other essential exterior design services today.

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