Signs That the Time Has Come for a Roof Repair in Twin Falls ID

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Roofing Repairs


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When the home was purchased ten years ago, the roof was in great shape. Up until recently, there was no reason to think that anything had changed. With some signs that the roof is not quite as efficient as before, there is some talk about arranging for a roof repair in Twin Falls. Here are some situations that should prompt the homeowner to make that call today.

Moisture in the Attic

While looking for something in the attic, the homeowner notices that the support joists for the roof seem to be a little damp. Upon closer inspection, there are some signs of mold beginning to form. That indicates the presence of a leak somewhere that needs to be taken care of without delay. Rest assured that a quick inspection will allow a professional to find the leak and know exactly what must be done. Once the roof repair in Twin Falls area is finished, the attic will once again be dry and free of any mold.

Spots on the Ceiling

After the last heavy rain, the homeowner noticed some wet spots on the ceiling. This is serious since it means the leaking is sufficient to get through the attic insulation and all the way to the ceiling tiles. Before there is time for the problem to get worse, it makes sense to call a professional. It may be that the winds during that rain dislodged a few shingles or damaged a section of flashing. Both issues can be repaired with ease and things can get back to normal.

Shingles on the Lawn

After a bout of severe weather, the homeowner awakens to find the lawn littered with broken chunks of shingles. At this point, there is no time to waste. Calling a professional and finding out how bad the situation happens to be is a priority. With a little luck, it will be possible to replace those broken shingles and get a few more years of use from the roof.

For help with any type of Roof Repair, call today and arrange for an inspection. Once the problem is isolated, the roofer can provide a quote for the repairs and get to work as soon as the homeowner agrees to the price. Contact Business Name for more information.

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