Signs That the Time Has Come for a Rubber Roof Repair

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Roofing


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Many people are surprised to learn there is something known as a rubber roof. This type of roofing is typically used for roofs that have a little to no slope and can be quite efficient in terms of protecting the structure for many years. As with all types of roofing, the day will come when the need arises for a Rubber Roof Repair. Here are some of the more common signs that such a day has arrived.

Wet Spots on the Ceiling

Like any type of roofing, it is possible for a rubber roof to be punctured or damaged during severe weather. A combination of falling limbs during high winds or excessively large hail can cause enough damage to weaken the material. When this happens, precipitation can seep under the roofing and lead to wet spots on the ceiling. Until the Rubber Roof Repair is made, the building owner can expect for the spots to get larger and for the precipitation to trigger other issues like the growth of mold.

Poor Drainage

When the roof is performing properly, precipitation will run down the slight slope and into the gutter system. This helps to ensure that although the roof appears to be flat, the chances of water standing across the surface are kept to a minimum. If the roofing material begins to age and buckles a little, that drainage effect will decrease. The only way to restore proper function is to remove sections of the roof that are damaged and replace them with new product. The best option is to have a professional remove the sections and set the new ones in place. Doing so will ensure the patch is sealed properly and the roof is restored to its former level of efficiency.

For any building owner who suspects that the roof is in need of some type of repair, contact the team at C & R Home Improvements Inc. today. After a thorough inspection, it will be possible to decide what needs to be done and how much the project will cost. If the condition of the roof is poor, the contractor can also provide a quote for a complete roof replacement.

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