Things to Consider for a Kitchen Remodel Project in your Home

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Houses can come in a huge range of styles and sizes. Some may have multiple bedrooms while others only have one. You may find extra rooms for using as an office or den, and some will only include the bare necessities. One thing every house has in common is the kitchen. It’s the central meeting place for your entire family to enjoy meals or simply sit and talk about the events of the day. A kitchen in Pittsburgh can come in many styles as well, from colonial to classic, and modern to eclectic. You may even find an assortment of different styles can combine to make one unique living space within your home. Moving into a new home, you could decide the kitchen is not exactly what you want it to be, and you could see a potential for a better space.

Factoring in the Cost

Remodeling a kitchen in Pittsburgh can bring with it many costs. Depending on the size of the space, and your overall plans, you could only be looking at a few minor changes such as replacing some appliances or redoing the floor. You could also be looking at an entire overhaul, including removing every fixture and appliance, the floor, and some of the walls to open up or close in the space. Smaller kitchens feel more cozy and warm while spacious kitchens can allow multiple members of the family to join and converse during holidays and special occasions. Setting a realistic goal for your project is important, and can save many headaches along the way. Always be thorough in your planning, and think long and hard about your material choices since each will bring with it many different price ranges. You also want to consider professional design and blueprinting costs, as well as installation by those who are familiar with appliances and cabinetry.

Getting Inspiration from Past Projects

When dealing with a professional design team, you have access to a wide range of photographs from their past and current projects. This can be an excellent source of inspiration for your own project, and may provide ideas for your space which you had not thought of before. For example, you may have thought of simple lighting on your ceiling, but an image of a past project may show under cabinet lighting or recessed canister lights that could work well in your own kitchen. Deciding on the perfect look can take time, so click here to see an abundance of additional photos.

If you are considering a remodel of your kitchen in Pittsburgh, be sure to get design guidance and installation help from the expert team at Patete Kitchens & Bath Design Center!

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