Sump Pump Maintenance for a Dry Home

A sump pump is an appliance that needs to be in good working order continuously. This device is used to remove accumulated water from a trench or pit in the lowest part of a home, usually a basement or crawl space. The sump pump sits at the bottom of this depression or beside it. When expelling unwanted water, the pump moves the water through interconnected pipes to an appropriate discharge area. A sum pump is activated though a float activator arm or pressure sensor. Performing maintenance for a residential Sump Pump System is necessary to monitor water levels in the foundation.

Before you start maintenance on your Sump Pump System, check the ground fault circuit interrupter. This safety device stops the flow of electricity to a sump pump before a person gets shocked. If the breakers to this device are tripped, reset them. Next, push the test button to guarantee proper ground protection. Intermittently, pour a bucket of water into the sump hole. The pump should turn on and start suctioning the water automatically within a few seconds. When this does not happen, call a professional to inspect the system.

If you have a submersible sump pump, remove it from the sump hole to inspect the grate. Remove any stones and debris so the inlet won’t be blocked. The outlet pipes that carry suctioned water away from a home should be tightly fastened together. These joined pipes should extend at least 20 feet from the foundation. In addition, look at the vent hole in the discharge pipe to ensure it’s free of debris.

It’s important to have a back-up power source for your sump pump. If there is a power outage or the electrical system is damaged, the power pump can cease to operate. A batter backup is a feasible choice due to its reliability. The two types of battery backups are a standard output battery and a high output batter. Choosing which one to buy depends upon the horsepower (hp) rating of the sump pump.
Keeping water out of a basement or crawl space helps preserve the integrity of the foundation. Maintenance on a sump pump adds to the ability of a sump pump to protect a home from water damage and flooding. For more information on sump pumps, please talk to a professional like the ones at Jim Dhamer Plumbing Service.

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