Basics Facts on Commercial Roofing

by | Jul 25, 2014 | Roofing Repairs


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When you want to put up a commercial roof, you must consider certain aspects such as the quality of the materials used, and also the cost. Commercial roofing materials can either be natural materials or commercially produced materials. There is a wide variety of commercially produced materials that you can choose from. You can use Asphalt shingles which are cost effective as they are cheaper than other materials such as tile and slate. This commercial roofing material is made of bitumen that is firmly fixed in fibreglass or an organic mat. It is then covered with a colored ceramic grit.

Metal is also used in roofing. Copper is one of the metals that can be used and although it is costly, it can last for hundreds of years. They are also very easy to maintain and repair. They have many more advantages such as resistance to corrosion, protection from radio frequency and also protection from lightning. To top it all up, they are recyclable. Corrugated galvanized steel is also another type of metal that can be used. It is durable as well and affordable.

Another roofing material that is quite common today is Terra Cotta. Apart from being strong due to being kiln-fired at high temperatures, they are also very beautiful and they retain their aesthetic value even as time passes. They can last up to 50 years.. When it comes to extreme weather, this roofing material performs very well as it is resistant to frost.

Cooling of the house is effective during the hot summer if the terra cotta roofing tiles have sarking under the tiles. External noises are greatly reduced so you can enjoy peace and quietness. It is fire resistant and it can help when harvesting rainwater since the roof tiles are not toxic. Other materials that can be used include slate, flat and slate look-a-like.

One of the well known companies that provide excellent services in commercial roofing is Bulldog Roofing and Restoration. They have estimates for the project you want done and if you need emergency services, they are just a call away as they are available for 24 hours.

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