Keep Your Pavement in the Best Shape Possible with Maintenance

Out of all the things that require maintenance in the world today, you may not have expected pavement to be one of them. It is true however, pavement does need maintenance, and it will last much longer if you take care of it. Pavement for private drives, residential driveways and commercial businesses can be quite expensive, and you can save yourself the hassle of having pavement replaced by scheduling paver maintenance. Paving consists of concrete and asphalt that can be made to look like stone or brick pavers that is actually more durable, and lasts longer than traditional pavers themselves.

The Keys to Keeping Pavement in Good Condition
Weather is usually one of the main culprits that ruins pavement. Even when professional paving contractors do the finest of jobs, the pavement still needs to be protected. Ice and snow have been known to break down even the most durable pavers. If you suffer from harsh winters, it is important to make sure that ice buildup is controlled. Not only does it protect you from losing control of an auto, or slipping and falling, it helps protect your paver investment. It is recommended that you use de-icing agents that are of high quality and contain calcium magnesium acetate. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions and use the correct amount of de-icer for a single treatment to prevent unnecessary damage. If you are unsure of the proper products to use, you can always contact the paving contractor that paved the premises.

Get Rid of Unattractive Oil Stains
Oil stains look unattractive on pristine pavers. Bare pavers can be cleaned effectively with a hose, but oil stains will not budge with the use of just water. Since concrete pavers are great choices for driveways, oil spots tend to occur. Oil will not actually damage the surface, but it does detract from the appearance of your home or business. You can handle this problem by wiping up any oil from the surface; this will keep the oil from penetrating the pavers. Once the oil has been wiped, you can use liquid detergent to clean the surface. Allow the detergent to soak in before washing it away with hot water. It may take you several applications before the stain is gone. If this does not work, then you need to try using a cleaner that is made just for concrete pavers. In order to make sure a cleaner will work well and not do any damage to your pavers, contact the contractor hired to pave your drive and make sure which type of cleaner will work best.

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