What You Need to Know About Metal Roofing in Colorado Springs

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Roofing Repairs


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Metal Roofing has gained popularity over the past decade or so for a number of reasons. This trend is set to continue in the coming years, which only goes on to reinforce the idea that metal roofs are great products. These roofs are more advanced and a huge leap from the traditional ‘tin’ corrugated roofs that were commonly seen on barns. There are some great advantages to be gained from metal roofing in Colorado Springs which makes it an option that cannot be ignored.

There are a number of benefits that make metal roofs so popular. One of the major ones is their fire-resistant qualities. These make them safe for homes and can offer much needed respite in case of a fire. These products are also known for their longevity. This means that they don’t need to be replaced often, a fact that translates to more savings for the home owner. Metal roofs are also relatively easy to install as compared to other options, meaning only a quick installation by a professional is required to begin seeing the benefits.

Metal roofs are also great in at reflecting the sun’s heat. This translates to savings on cooling bills. This can also open the owner up to tax credits and other great savings in the long-term. Metal roofs are mainly made from steel and aluminum. Alloys and copper may also be added to the roofing materials in some cases. The most common choices for metal roofs however remain aluminum and steel as they are economical, sensible, and durable and are able to hold paint finishes well.

You need to be aware of the different types of metal roofs on the market before going out to purchase one for your home. Residential roofs come in panel roofing and shingle-style roofing with the former being the most common. This type of metal roofing does not mimic the look of any other type of roofing material. It has a rather contemporary, honest, and clean appeal, and is favored for its commercial look. For those that want a more traditional look and feel, metal shingle-style roofing is great for this purpose. It is made to imitate slate, wood shakes or Spanish tile. It is important to hire a professional when installing metal roofing in Colorado Springs to be able to get the maximum benefits.

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