When Should You Hire the Services of a Professional Foundation Repair Company?

Foundation repairs are important to keep your house standing firm. It is imperative that you have your foundation repairs done early so as to avoid extensive damage. In order to do so efficiently, you need to know when your house is in need of repairs. There are many factors that can cause your foundation to weaken. Homes that are not are not constructed with any kind of piers or pilings do not have adequate support. It is for this reason why you need services of a professional foundation repair company. Here are some of the major factors that can your foundation to weaken.


Changing weather patterns can negatively impact on your foundation. Extreme weather conditions can cause the soil to become eroded with excess moisture, and thereby making your foundation to weaken. In such cases, you should hire foundation repair services to keep your house steady and prevent the foundation from cracking. Additionally, you can opt to use soaker hoses to keep the soil moisture steady. When availing foundation repairs, ensure proper feasibility studies are conducted to enable you to choose the best method that will be suitable for your house.

Presence of Trees near the Building

If your house is surrounded by many big trees, then their roots might reach your foundation. Roots of big trees absorb a lot of moisture when grow under the foundation. Since these roots cannot penetrate the foundation, they will curve downwards and make the foundation weak. If this happens, you need to avail foundation leveling services. This will help to return the slab back to a level form. After leveling, you may want to install root barriers to prevent future problems from other trees.

Cracks on Walls

If you notice cracks on the walls inside the house, chances are there could be a problem with your foundation. If you find that doors and windows that were previously okay are not shutting properly, then you should contact a professional foundation repair company.

When you notice any of these problems, then you need to contact a qualified repair company. It is advisable you only choose a company that has a lot of experience in offering foundation repair services. For more information about foundation repairs visit their Fan page.


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