Why You Should Choose Asphalt Paving

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance


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Business Name is one of the many services offered by concrete contractors or home construction companies. While this type of paving is more commonly associated with parking lots and roads, many homeowners use it in their driveways. It does not take an experienced concrete contractor long to handle this type of paving, and it can hold up well when properly maintained. Part of the appeal of using this paving material is the fact that it is a cheaper alternative to concrete. A few property owners also prefer the black surface to the plainer concrete options.

An experienced paving contractor will know exactly how to prepare your sub-grade before laying the asphalt. The proper thickness of the asphalt is vital to getting a paved surface that lasts. One of the first things that the contractor is likely to point out is that asphalt paving requires occasional recoating to maintain its strength, and to keep it looking like new. The general recommendation for coating is every other year. This basic maintenance task will help to keep the asphalt from breaking down. If the breakdown becomes pronounced, you may eventually need to resurface the pavement. This involves putting another layer over the asphalt, which is still a lot cheaper than replacing the driveway.

The contractor can visit your home or business, and provide a free estimate after taking the necessary measurements. If the work is being done in your company’s parking lot, you can also explore options like speed bumps, parking bumpers and parking lot striping. In fact, some companies, like Business Name provide a number of paving services in both asphalt and concrete. No matter which company you use, it should not take long to get an evaluation and an estimate so that you can look at your budget for the project. Since you will only have to recoat every other year, this paving choice can be seen as low maintenance. This makes it a good choice for homeowners, especially those who cannot devote a lot of resources to these tasks. Before getting any type of asphalt work done, ensure that the company is licensed for this these types of projects.

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