Window Service Contractors in Lincoln, NE Endorse the Use of Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Roofing


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Have you replaced your windows recently? If you have been putting off replacing your older home’s windows, you might want to rethink your decision. Windows, today, are designed to lower the costs of cooling and heating, and are also easy to maintain.

Review the Savings

To find out more about this type of upgrade, contact window service contractors in Lincoln, NE and review the benefits. Whether you choose Energy Star-rated windows featuring single or double panes, you can benefit from definite savings in energy. For example, adding single-pane energy-endorsed windows to your home will help you save about $260 to $360 per year in replacement costs.

Window service contractors add that double-pane windows save homeowners up to $135 per year in replacement costs. However, the double-pane styles will notably decrease your energy consumption too. Therefore, they are the windows to choose if you want to significantly lower your energy bills.

Install Windows That Stand Up Well to the Cold

The whole idea of installing energy-endorsed windows is the comfort they provide. For instance, if you have been avoiding sitting at a window seat on a chilly winter’s night, you can reclaim the spot once you talk to window service contractors. Even when temperatures dip below the freezing mark, the interior glass on an energy-efficient window does not get cold. Therefore, you can view the winter landscape without feeling uncomfortable.

When windows are energy-rated, they protect your valuables and furnishings from fading too. For example, when upholstery is regularly exposed to sunlight, it can fade over time. However, windows that carry an Energy Star rating feature coatings that protect your indoor furniture and materials from the sun’s UV rays. The coatings are shown to reduce fading by as much as 75%.

To learn more about a window replacement for your home, visit website. Take time to review the selection of windows now. Make plans to invest in your home’s comfort and increase its energy efficiency.

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