How Much Does Trespa Countertops Cost?

If you are looking for a beautiful, durable, quality addition to your facility, Trespa countertops are an excellent choice to spruce up or modernize your facility. One of the popular versions of Trespa is available as Toplab Plus, which is a kind of countertop material that is antibacterial, resistant to chemicals, flexible, resistant to moisture, long lasting and is easy to clean and maintain.

Trespa Countertops Are Certified, Use Renewable Materials
You can always count on this product because Trespa tests and certifies its countertops prior to sale based on international specs and standards. Trespa is part of the SEFA or Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association and you can get a copy of their certification standards by request.

One of the ways they are certified is their use of “green” and renewable materials to make their countertops. This is their way to help preserve the Earth’s forests and natural resources. This point is something that many people who want to help the environment and stay “green” love about these kinds of products.

Quality of Trespa Can’t Be Beat, is Similar to Wood
Even so, the quality of these countertops can’t be beat, as the Trespa line offers a wide range of colors, styles, thicknesses, and is very similar to hardwood type materials, only better because they are non-porous, flame and chemical resistant. Plus, Trespa has a 10-year conditional guarantee on its products, including these countertops.

The Trespa line is popular for use in places like labs and workshops all over the world. Many scientists, as well as places of education use it every day and choose to install their countertops.

Trespa is Affordable to Your Budget
One question buyers ask about Trespa countertops is how much does it cost. It is estimated to be around $15 a square foot, but since prices are always subject to change, you should call a manufacturer such as AGR Fabricators, Inc., which can be reached at Phone:000-000-0000. One of their experts will be happy to answer your questions about their products and Trespa countertops.

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