7 Important Questions to Ask Your Commercial Roofing Contractor In Plymouth MN

by | Apr 22, 2024 | Roofing


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If you are in the market for a repair on your commercial building’s roof, you likely want to ensure that the team you hire is capable of doing quality work. One of the easiest ways to find out if this is true is by asking lots of questions. Of course, these questions need to be specific enough that you can determine whether you want to go with your current option or shop around a bit more.

We have come up with 7 questions that can help you determine if this Commercial Roofing Contractor In Plymouth MN is the right choice for your business.

1. What is causing my current roof to fail? There are many things that can lead commercial roofing systems to fail and the distinction can be important. Understanding what caused your current problems can help you make a better decision on what to do about it.

2. How much would you estimate repairs to my roof would cost? You want to find out if a repair is feasible and worth the money you pay. If a repair might give you a few more years but is almost as expensive as a replacement, you’ll likely go with the latter.

3. Without replacement, how can all leaks be stopped? It’s always important to understand what options you have. You may prefer not to have the entire roof replaced, if possible. A skilled roofing specialist can tell you what is possible.

4. Is your team made up of subcontractors or your own crew? Either of these can be fine, but you may want to ask a few more questions if they are using subcontractors. It’s important to be sure the crew is professional and experienced.

5. Are you expecting to remove the roof or cover it? These are both common practices which have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, building codes may dictate what is possible legally.

6. Have you replaced roofs like mine? This will let you know how experienced the Commercial Roofing Contractor In Plymouth MN is. You should also ask for referrals so you can see how past customers feel about their work.

7. How are changes handled? There may be things that crop up after someone is starting to work on your roof that increases the cost beyond the estimate. You should know immediately when these things happen so you can prepare for it.

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